Thursday, December 5, 2013

Minecraft Xbox 360 Noteblock Song | Ylvis - The Fox |

This is one wicked creation in Minecraft!  Enjoy!


If you are here with the hopes of having a chance of getting free minecraft, I'm sorry to ruin your expectations because there is no such thing as a Minecraft Gift Code Generator.  If there is, then it's illegally getting a licensed copy without paying.  Of course, there are good samaritans who'd buy a gift code and give it away for free but with people promising free gift codes after taking surveys, filling up forms, clicking links, referring friends for certain amounts of points, please be careful of phishing websites that are trying to get your personal information and use it against you in the future.

Let's be honest, Minecraft is just $27.  It's a great game, not up to par with the current gaming graphics but it serves as one of the best innovative indie game there is on the market.  I see people reasoning out why they should get it for free but the more reasons they throw out, the more ridiculous it sounds when they hear themselves arguing about it and later buys an Xbox One or Playstation 4 and show it off to their facebook wall.  If you have become irritated by this post, I do apologize but I have one clear statement I want to show here.  There is no such thing as a free lunch and if you really want something, there's alot of ways to get it, right?  So quit reasoning and buy the game or just leave it be.

One last note, those who reason out that they're dirt poor and don't have money to buy games, why are you so obsessed in playing games when you should prioritize your life first?  Stress-reliever, please, it's not everyday gaming can relieve any amount of stress.  If you can't pay the bills on time, then don't waste your money on useless stuff like cigarettes, alcohol, parties, take-outs, go budget your money wisely than drag your personal problems in doing piracy or some form of illegal stuff.  It's unhealthy and continue doing it will just make it worse.  I've seen people that have lost their house, their family, their loved ones just because they're too addicted to whatever they want.  I just want this to be a reminder that life is too short and hope that you're doing well than the others who have done mistakes in their life.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

XCOM: Enemy Within: Impossible Ironman

I tried my first time for this month on playing on the Impossible difficulty.  Sad to say, I was sent laughing off my chair at how hard the transition is from Normal straight to Impossible.  9 Sectoids appeared with a slightly bigger HP and my 4 rookies didn't stand a chance!  Oh man, I'm still laughing at this moment and just wanted to share my first experience on this difficulty.  Oh well, going back to the Normal difficulty first then Classic and when I get the hang of it, I'm going back and doing the Impossible one!

Oh yeah, I got my hands on a Civilization V game and not sure if I should play it or not.  I'll have a week to decide whether or not I'm into playing it but hopefully it would interest me that I'd go do a youtube series of it.  Til then, cherrio!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thoughts: PRE Running Man 175

From the preview, it looks like they'll be having another court trial with new guests with a new twist.  The guilty versus the chasers is what it seems like.  Not really sure if it will be the same with a defendant like the one episode where they'd be in court but maybe they're all guilty for something and needs to find clues so that they could prove that they're not guilty.  It also looks like they're teamed up into two groups by the way they have two colored suits.  But you may never know, Running Man never seems to stop entertaining me since episode 1!

Thoughts: Running Man 174 [Spoiler]

Simple missions that you'd think require problem solving but it just needs a person who'd think out of the box.  That's what this episode was about.  It was surprising how the result would be like because it wasn't expected but all in all, the show still delivers in the weekly entertainment I have anticipated for.  With guests Bo-ra (Sistar), Han Hye-jin, Lee Seung-gi, the teams were divided by twos.  Starting off with the swimming pool chairs, it was funny how the Running Men saw it the first mission.

The missions looked easy enough to do but how they started off with little hints as Ji Suk-jin, HaHa, and Kang Gary got the first important hints to start it off.  They had to find the first location using the number they were given.  All teams managed to find the bus station with the number 14-357 which started the next series of missions.  Every team had to predict how many passengers would go off the bus in that stop while they were piggy-back riding.

If they failed, they have to squat 5 times with their partner and if they passed, they went directly to the next mission, where the location was HaHa's shop.

Here they had to pick a card with a corresponding number on it, and they have to finish that many hot potatoes in under 1 minute.  Hilarious to see how they tried doing it the first time but as I am a fan of potatoes, I guess it's really hard to eat a very hot potato that just came out of the steamer.

They all went to the next mission, where they had to pick three people from the crowd to participate with them.  A big hula-hoop was rolled and all five team members have to jump over it while it rolls.  Funny how Kwang Soo sabotaged all of the challenges made and Gary had to endure a two-time accident due to Kwang Soo trying to make the other teams fail.  Funny how Song Ji-Hyo came and clobbered him, as well as the Tiger Kim Jong Kook.  

They all gathered at the last location where they were given a hint and need to unlock a door with the prize with a number combination.  I guess I won't reveal who won in this episode because it was really unexpected.  But funny because of how the members were teasing the winner til the last second of the show.   Til next week, Hwaiting!